Other Platforms and Frameworks

Screenshotbot is agnostic about the library and platform used for generating screenshots. While we provide convenience scripts dedicated to the most common libraries, we can work with any library as long as it can generate the screenshots.

In particular, our customers use Screenshotbot with Android, iOS, React Native, Selenium, Cypress, PDFs, Kotlin Multiplatform, Games and many more.

We don't claim to be experts in all of these areas, but if you have a specific library in mind, please contact us at support@screenshotbot.io.

As long as your library can generate a directory of images, you can upload it to Screenshotbot with something like this:

    # Install the screenshotbot recorder script to
    # ~/screenshotbot/recorder
    curl https://cdn.screenshotbot.io/recorder.sh | sh

    # Fetch the main branch, which might be required for Pull Requests
    # Replace main with the name of your main branch
    git fetch origin main

    # Run the script from the root git directory of the project
       --channel channel-name \
       --directory path/to/snapshots


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